Who is behind the scenes?

Who are we? Let us tell you who is behind the scenes and how the story of ArtKoti started. We are five millennials, students, graduates, entrepreneurs – we are all different and that is what makes our team so dynamic. What unites us is that we are conscious of the future of our society and are passionate about art.

Nadja and Sussy come from different parts of the world and happened to be in Finland, where they both found their homes. Here the two bright minds met and when Nadja suggested that there could be a way to make visual art more accessible and tackle inequalities in the art ecosystem, Sussy knew she wanted to be part of it.

What did we figure out, back in 2020? First of all, there are many talented artists in Finland and not enough opportunities for all of them to shine. Second, the traditional way of encountering visual art is through visits to galleries or museums and some people may also purchase artworks. Third, the selection process for these art displaying venues is very exclusive, participation fees are unreasonably high, and the artists’ income is unpredictable. We knew something must be done about it.

We knew disrupting was the way to go–disrupting the old ways of presenting artworks, disrupting the traditional ways of selecting artists, and disrupting the old-fashioned ways of investing in art pieces. ArtKoti means art can be where people are – at their workplaces and places, they visit as customers. ArtKoti is for everyone–all talented artists can be equally represented. And finally, Artkoti is a way for artists to earn regular additional income.

Here we would like to introduce our exceptional development team – Alex, Domi, and Michi. As it happens, they are also non-Finns. With these guys, we hope to make all processes digital and the service easy to use by anyone in the shape of a platform accessible to artists and business representatives.

So, now that you know how ArtKoti started, we can conclude with what everyone of us is doing in the company. Nadja and Sussy are responsible for strategic planning, customer relationships, communication with artists, and operations at this stage as well. Sussy is also focusing on our marketing strategy, while Nadja does business planning. As a group, Alex, Domi, and Michi actively participate in the decision-making process; but mainly focus on the platform development. Alex may be seen on the operational side as well. As we are a small team, we are often multitasking and collaborating. And now we are hoping to top up our team with a passionate account manager.