Customers FAQ

Where are you located?

We currently work with artists and companies in the Helsinki region

How is the art delivered?

Each artist delivers, installs, and picks up their own art at the client’s premises.

Who are the artists?

We work with local artists based in the Helsinki Region. Our artist database is constantly updated. We create a customized portfolio of several artists’ works based on your organization’s values, property persona, brand, and preferences. 

How much does the service cost?

We present three portfolios (Breeze, Wind, Power) that are created according to your budget. Additionally, you can build your own  fully-customizable portfolio Minä, if you wish so. In a portfolio, you can see the grand value of the portfolio (art worth) as well as how much you pay per month (which is a fraction of the grand value). Payment can vary from €50 to a larger fee per month depending on the portfolio you choose.

What if I already have some artworks at my space?

Maybe you would like to see some new art? You can temporarily replace your current art with new artworks and no obligation to acquire them.

I know nothing about art, how can I choose what artworks work for my space?

Our art experts create customized portfolios based on your art guide results, company brand, and your business premises.

How do I know that local artists are supported?

ArtKoti artists earn income from renting out their artworks, as opposed to traditional options such as galleries or displaying art for free in local restaurants. Artists do not incur any cost from our side, i.e. we do not charge any membership fees from the artists. We create fair and inclusive opportunities for visual artists including emerging artists and recent graduates.

How are the artworks insured?

The customer has to take insurance covering the grand value of the artworks and valid for the period the artworks are rented to their premises.

How often are the art sets replaced?

Art pieces are replaced with new ones every 3 months (our recommended length). This period can be adjusted based on the customer’s needs.

Can I purchase the artwork?

Yes, most of the artworks can also be acquired.

When do I have to pay?

You have to pay at the beginning of each three-month period. Depending on each case, payment frequency can be negotiated.