Artists FAQ

Why should I sign up?

Our goal is to support local visual artists and connect them with businesses. Through this platform, your works are promoted, are more visible in different locations and you earn rental income when your artworks are chosen by our business client. We do not charge membership fees or deduct commissions from the artists. Our platform is for all talented local visual artists, therefore we strongly support inclusivity and do not discriminate based on more experience, formal education, public presence, or any other factors. 

What do I earn for renting my artworks at ArtKoti?

Your payout will be 4% per artwork per month. Payout is calculated from the artwork price you set yourself. Example of calculation: You set the artwork price at 1000€. If your artwork is rented, you earn 40€/month. Note: The minimum rental period for both artists and customers is three months.

Does it cost for me to be part of ArtKoti?

There is no membership fee, we do not deduct anything from your payout. We also do not charge commissions or any other fees from artists.

Does ArtKoti earn anything?

ArtKoti rents portfolios of artworks to companies, which consist of several artworks from different artists. The rental fee of each artwork in a portfolio equals the artists’ payout (4% of the artwork’s price). We add up all rental fees of all artworks in the portfolio together and then add a service fee (which equals approximately 3-12% of the total artworks’ price). Therefore, each customer pays each month the portfolio rental fee plus the service fee. The service fee includes advisory services to the customers, marketing activities promoting artists on the platform, development of the platform, installation.

Who delivers my artworks, when renting?

You are responsible for delivering your own artworks to the borrower’s premises.*  The reason for this is the safety of the artworks, we believe the artists know best how to handle their creations and will be able to ensure safe delivery. 

*If it is not possible for you to deliver the artwork yourself, we will find a solution 😉

Who installs my artworks?

To speed up the process, after you deliver your artworks to the borrower’s premises, we take over the process and install the artworks in the specified locations of the premises.

When do I get paid?

You get paid after the artworks are delivered to the borrower and the borrower has paid the bill. It might take a few days for the money to arrive in your bank account.

Who can sell on ArtKoti?

All artists, who are members of the ArtKoti community, are allowed to rent and sell the artworks on the platform. Keep in mind the availability of your artwork, in case you have confirmed a reservation.

What kind of artworks can be sold on ArtKoti?

Visual art and sculptures can be rented or sold on ArtKoti.

How do I know if my profile was approved?

We will contact you and add you to our communication platform.

How do I add images of artworks?

You can send them to us via email or via our communication platform. Please make sure to provide us with high-quality images of your artwork. We might feature your artwork on our website. Each image must be accompanied by a name, size, technique, year, selling price. If you want even better engagement with the viewer, also include a small descriptive text of the artwork.

How can I be featured on your website?

Each month we select members of our artist community and feature them on the website. If you are selected, we will also publish your social media links.